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Test Drive: November

Dragon Called Test Drive
There will be several prompts below for test drive options. The prompts for the TDM rotate, though some prompts are always available. The test drive is open and free for players to use to play around with mythical creatures, magic, dragons and the land of Osaaru.

You will be able to report you TDM threads from the month you apply to the game for Spirit Points during your first month's AC Check-In. For instance, threads done in the November TDM can be reported for Spirit Points during December's AC-Check-In.

No matter which prompt(s) you choose to use, please be sure to include a starter in your response to the test drive that gives people something to work off of and tag into. Please also be sure to tag around when you can. The test drive relies on interactions between characters, and people posting here may be looking to use these threads as one of the samples for their app.

For the purpose of the test drive you are welcome to either not use the in game magic provided, or choose your own element and ability with the knowledge that it may be a different ability than you will enter the game with.
Into the Woods
Patum is the closest of the Old Cities to the great mountain city of Nuren. The ancient ruins rest at the very edge of the North-Eastern Forest of Western Osaaru. The ruins of Patum form a very large semi-circle of broken walls full of smaller circular tower ruins and crumbled or overgrown buildings whose original shapes can no longer be made out. The circle disappears into the dense forest that grows through and into Patum. Where the outer ring of walls still stand, most reach a height of around 8 meters (26 feet).

The walls are made of now well-worn and moss covered stone of an impressively sturdy mineral composite that can withstand even the weight of large dragons if the structural integrity is still sound in that area.

You have taken a quest from one of the merchants in Nuren. A bounty set for a Basilisk that has been terrorizing and killing the farmers of Outer Nuren. Serpents, snakes and dragons fear the Basilisk instinctively. Looking it in the eyes can turn one into stone, as can the venom from its bite. They are larger than anacondas, with a hide that can only be pierced by beast talon or claw. Their blood is a toxic poison that kills what it touches.

It's a dangerous quest, and that is exactly why you were not sent alone. You and your dragon partner have been paired up with another Scion and their dragon, and given special blades made from the talons of a mighty Roc.

The Basilisk is believed to have made its home in the forest, just beyond Patum's ruins. Be wary of the dangers of the forest, which include giant beasts and spiders, two-headed wolves, and a variety of other dangerous creatures

Success will mean a safer city and an impressive bounty of Gold, as well as the gratitude of the farmers. But failure could spell a stony death for the party.
The Dragon Games
The people of Nuren are thrilled to have the scions among them. They and their dragons are regarded as highly valued citizens, and both the Remnants and the Touched of Nuren have come together to create Dragon Games to entertain and exercise the various dragon species that now share the city with them. There are races, sky and water agility games, cliff scaling, hunting games and more to give every dragon something enjoyable to do. The citizens have even arranged for gifts of rare items and magical artifacts for the winners of the different games, and a massive feast of fruits, vegetables, plants, rocks, gems, coal, meat, fish, bugs and hay has been spread out throughout Upper Nuren.

Participate or spectate in the games, challenge other characters and their dragons or enjoy the feast and pyrotechnic magical fireworks that cause fire and light illusionary creatures to dance and fight in the sky above.
Reader Beware.
The Academy of Scholars has recently been reopened to any who wish to seek knowledge there. A small group of Scholars protects the safety of the books and watches over the overgrown and largely abandoned library. You and your dragon agreed to travel with them by ship to Serpent's Fang, and assist them in finding safe passage through the Tangled Forest. The journey is rough, through dense jungle and past many creatures that do not take kindly to strangers intruding on their homes.

Once you arrive, the library itself is as overgrown and dark as the jungle you passed through to get there. The Scholars wish to carefully straighten and clear the old Academy without disturbing the overgrowth too much. It is never a good idea to lash out at plants when the origin of their roots is unknown, after all. Despite the state of the building, the texts seem largely unharmed. The shelves and floors are home to texts, scrolls and books written in lost or forgotten languages. While most are unknown to the Scholars, and to you, a few have almost familiar feel to them.

While guarding the Scholars, a rustle of papers catches the attention of you and one of the other guardians. Before you can say a word, one of the dragons runs off after the sound, disappearing down the stairs, deeper into the tall old library.

The lower level is shrouded in darkness, and resting near the far back wall is a pedestal with an old and tattered scroll resting on it. A single window allows a ray of light to shine down on its surface. The scroll is blank until you near it, and then the magic from within you begins to flare to life, and a colorful ribbon of energy flows from you and your partner toward the scroll.

Unable to stop it, you watch as the energy flashes into words, scrawling like writing across the page and glowing with a mix of elemental light, shifting in colors. The words are unfamiliar at first, changing and shifting with the light into different images and languages until finally it begins to settle on common, a language you have found yourself able to read and understand since your rebirth.

At last you return. How long I have waited. The words glow and flicker, and then the scroll lets loose a flash of light.

An Elven Cat, glowing with a magical aura emerges from the light, a pair of spectacles resting just behind his nose. He introduces himself as the Librarian, a spectral creature who will be your guide to the information within the Library. He poses a challenge to you. Find within the library the three lost scrolls of power and bring them to him. He promises a grand reward if you succeed. As you progress, however, an Imp attempts to tempt you with promise of power unimaginable if you give the scrolls to her instead.

Giving the scrolls to the Elven Cat grants a scroll of knowledge for a language long lost to the world of Osaaru. Knowledge that will be greatly sought after by the Scholars. Giving the scrolls to the Imp will reward the pair with mastery of a powerful new spell, Siphon Life: Creature, which allows the user to drain the life from a living creature in order to grant themselves a temporary boost of Spirit Energy. Neither reward is known before it is received.
How Not to Train Your Dragon
Juvenile dragons use their magic frequently and at inopportune locations and times. Your dragon is stubbornly refusing to listen to you, and their magical ability is getting a never ending hamster wheel of use. Whether this is causing mischief, discomfort, destruction or just unwanted attention, you're going to need some help wrangling the young beast and stopping it. If you ever want your dragon to listen, you need to earn its respect, its trust or its obedience. Right now, all you have is a cranky teenager throwing a tantrum about not getting their way.

Time to try a new approach.
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Kaldur'ahm | Young Justice

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[A. Into the Woods]
[Kaldur was used to dangerous missions by this point. He'd certainly experienced his fair share of near death battles and encounters. However, usually those were with his teammates or his King. He'd certainly never had to deal with watching out for a young dragon and an unknown partner in the process. Kaldur had accepted the mission though and he wasn't one to back down now.

He looks around at the ruins of Patum, for more clues to this world. He takes the time to give the blade a few test swings. His own dragon, Sedna, rests near one of the less crumbled walls, wings folded against her body and making her look more like a sea-serpent than an actual dragon. Kaldur sheaths the blade and turns to the person that had agreed to come with him into the woods.

Is there anything else you would like to go over before we embark?

[B. The Dragon Games]
[Sedna was recently hatched, so Kaldur was not particularly interested in participating in events. He walked around with a foot-long dragon draped over his shoulders like a strange scarf. Sedna was slender and thin like an eel, so it didn't bother Kaldur much at all. She looked around at everything with a spark of curiosity in her golden eyes. He couldn't fault her for that either, after all he was fairly curious as well about the events transpiring around them. It was certainly a lively festival to say the least.

Kaldur had walked around, so it was possible to run into him at a variety of places, but his main focus soon became the water agility games. He studied them with an intensity that might have been misleading -- like he was studying them for tactics more-so than enjoyment. Sedna watched as well, quirking tiny fin on the side of her head up like ears.

Care to approach?
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[Celena for her part had taken advantage of the games as a chance to spend time in her true form after spending much of her time lately in her smaller forms for ease of moving through the city. Her own juvenile dragon, Dian, a western styled dragon standing at currently half a meter tall running ahead of her as she made her way over to check in on the water agility games.

Noting the other Scion watching the games near a spot clear enough for her as she stepped on over. Dian already moving over to them at the same time to give a cheerful chirp of greetings as he hopped up onto a stone wall nearby, his head tilted inquisitively to the dragon around Kaldur's neck before looking back up to Celena over shoulder as she stepped over.

Apologies if Dian bothered you, always the curious one he is.

[Offering an easy smile to the other Scion before she cast her gaze to the games going on below.]

A fine day for the games though wouldn't you say?
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Re: B

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[Sedna responded first, the fins around her head unfolding to a fuller frill. She squeezed a little tighter around Kaldur's neck, flaring tense and suspicious. She was always a little skittish around others -- dragon or otherwise. Kaldur placed a hand on her side and she slackened a little, though he could still feel her coiled muscles and anxiety.

Honestly, Kaldur was less bothered by the small dragon and more intrigued by the larger one stepped over to join them. He hadn't realized that other dragons could be Scions, it was an interesting twist to say the least.

It is all right. I think he might have startled Sedna more than anything. She is not exactly...friendly.

[Kaldur did his best to hide his open curiosity, he did not want to be offensive to another Scion. He turned his attention to the games.]

Yes. Sedna has shown a lot of interest in it -- though I believe she is still too young to participate.
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[The response from the other dragon doesn't seem to deter or dissuade Dian, tail flicking cheerfully as he canted his head the other way with an inquisitive sound to the other dragon and its Scion.

Celena for her part gives a wry apologetic look to the other Scion to that as she brushes a fore paw to Dian's the young dragon looking up to her questioningly before shifting to jump up onto Celena's shoulder then back to perch and watch the goings on from there.

I'll try to make sure he doesn't too much more bothersome for her then, I know not all of the dragons brought here are quite as outgoing as Dian insists on being.

[ A glance back to Dian given at that with a soft chuckle as she set herself down on her haunches before shaking her head, if being one of the few talking dragons bothered her, her cheerful demeanor didn't show it. Curling her tail around her fores as she followed the other Scion's attention to the games going on below, her demeanor relaxed and cheerful. ]

Oh indeed? She does have the look of one who would perform quite well in the water. Perhaps come next games she'll have the opportunity to participate then.
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Sorry. She does warm up after some time.

[Kaldur, at least, is friendlier than his dragon companion. Even now though it appears that Sedna is settling now that Dian is out of her space.]

I have already been working with her in the water -- she certainly has an affinity for moving in that element.
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[Celena waves off his apology with a fore paw as she gives a wry smile.]

No need, he does need to learn when his inquisitiveness might not receive as friendly a welcome. We'll just have to see if she warms up to us then.

[Her clear smile returns as she listens with interest even as she notes Sedna's gradual settling. Dian for his part setting down with his paws on her shoulder so that he could peer over and watch the other dragon and the games below from his perch with a little more constrained curiosity.]

Oh indeed? That is good to hear then, I don't doubt once she's ready she'll be able to give any challengers a run for their money in the water both in the games and otherwise.

Dian here on the other hand? Not so much, he might not mind the water but a coordinated swimmer thus far he is not.
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[Kaldur is confident she will. Sedna is just careful about whom she trusts.]

I should hope so. For now, I thought we could just watch and get some ideas.

[He looks up at the smaller of the two dragons.]

Well, we all have different skills to contribute. I am sure his strength lies elsewhere. He is certainly paired with a good Scion to show him the ropes.
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[Her gaze shifting back to the games below for a moment.]

A fine idea indeed, besides it can't hurt to have a look at your potential future competition and learn from hem early.

[Dian seems to perk up that bit more as he seems to be the center of attention for that brief moment, Celena casting a glance back to her companion with a slightly raised eyeridge before dipping her head in acknowledgment to the other Scion's point.]

Quite true in that respect, where one may be lacking in one strength they likely make up for it in another. I will say that while his swimming hasn't been all too impressive he has been showing quite a bit of promise in flight, albeit his landings do require some work.

[A slight quirk of a smile coming to Kaldur's comment.]

I suppose it is true that few other Scion's would have quite as, unique, a perspective in showing their dragon's the ropes than those such as I. Who better to show a dragon the ropes than one who is a dragon themselves.
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I imagine landing can be difficult to learn.

[Speed, timing, and several other factors he couldn't even fathom had to be perfectly in sync. One wrong move and you could crash into the ground instead of landing gently.]

But that is what practice is for.

[While Sedna continues to watch and ignore the conversation, Kaldur can't help but let his curiosity get the better of him.]

I apologize if this question is awkward for you to answer, but I am curious, is it strange for you to be a Scion for another dragon? You are clearly not exactly like the dragons native to this world.
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At first it can be indeed, there's a reason I often pick softer spots for this one to land.

[Better to crash into soft sand or grass than solid rock after all.]

Precisely, the more practice he gets the better he will get at it.

[Celena's look turns thoughtful though to his question, knowing the curiosity behind it before a gentle smile touches her snout as she looks back to to Dian, who peers up to her and cants his head with a cheerful chirp before she looks back to the other Scion, lifting a forepaw to wave off his concern.]

It is no concern at all to ask. I will admit that in some ways, indeed, it is strange being Scion to a dragon such as Dian, one who if I had encountered on my homeworld would be as intelligent as you or I.

At the same time though I readily recognize that while the dragons here may look similar, they are of an entirely different species or indeed many different species, judging from the variety even among the dragons here. Many different worlds hold so many different possibilities, out of all the possibilities, a world where the dragons aren't quite as talkative is far from the most out there possibility.
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[Kaldur's never been one to help his curiosity--it's what had landed him the position as his King's sidekick in the first place. He makes not that practice for a dragon is just as important as practice for his team back home. He'll need to remember that when he's getting frustrated with Sedna's stubbornness.]

It is true. As far as I know, there are not dragons on my world. Though there are other planets out there so perhaps they exist on one of those. I have just not encountered them before.

[He leaned back considering the possibilities. He supposes it is a lot like how Kryptonians like Superman appear human looking but are not actually human at all once you get past the outer appearance.]

I suppose that makes sense about them being entirely different then. It is like they are similar on the outside, but that is where the similarities end. We are on a different world after all.
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[Celena's own curiosity was something ever present, and indeed she listened intently to his comments. That he knew of other planets was something in and of itself of interest.]

Understandable indeed in that respect. Many worlds contain all number of different forms of life, there is always the chance that dragons or beings similar to dragons might exist somewhere out among those worlds even if not on your own world.

Even among my own travels through my own galaxy I have encountered some species that have shared remarkable resemblances to one another and yet originated many worlds apart apart.

[She gives a thoughtful smile to that before inclining her head in agreement.]

Indeed so in that regard. The dragons and other draconic Scions are not the only ones to share similarities. The similarities between human and humanoid scions and the Remnants, even the touched in cases here are all quite striking in similarity despite coming from entirely different worlds.

Even if the differences there are not quite as pronounced as it is for those such as I and our dragons.
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"I have no pressing matters, other than seeing this thing dead."

[Kaldur is certainly more accepting of this situation than Oswald. The swordsman is staring at his new weapon with an eye that's equal parts wary and doubtful. It isn't the first weapon he'd bring to a fight like this, clearly.]

"And I doubt much strategy is needed. It's a giant lizard with a deadly glare, and little else. Mainly, I've no wish to waste time."

[This is Oswald-Speak for: "I'm ready to go, talk tactics on the way."

There's also a dark colored dragon following his heels, looking all the world like an eager, attention craving puppy... and ruffling Oswald's image of a calm, collected and competent soldier, with how it winds circles around his feet.]
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[Blunt and to the point. Kaldur was already accessing his personality and trying to figure out how best to work with it. Being in charge of a team of teenagers had taught him a lot and his own closest friend was much the same in that charming personality department. Kaldur nodded, securing the one weapon that could supposedly take down the creature. He quirked an eyebrow at the other's assessment.]

I have a feeling that if it were simply a 'giant lizard' it would be much easier to kill and we would not be asked this request in the first place. Its gaze is not our sole concern. We are entering its home territory -- it will know the terrain and that puts us at a disadvantage. That is on top of its other natural defenses and there is no guarantee that our dragons will be of much help in the fight if they are known to be afraid of such creatures on instinct.

[And that was only the most obvious of their problems. Kaldur glanced at his dragon. Sedna was already uncurling herself, flexing her two claws before slithering over to Kaldur. She was surprisingly quick on land, considering her disadvantage of limbs, but Kaldur supposed that was due to her strength in her torso -- she moved much like a snake would when she wanted or opted to fly instead. Sedna was too big to ride on his shoulders anymore, but she looked ready for the trek all the same.]

But as long as you believe we are ready I see no reason to linger any longer.

[Apparently Kaldur had picked up on the fact that they could plan while they walked. He was certainly already thinking of a few strategies to try.]
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Oh heck he pretty much IS a smaller, albino version of SB. AND Speedy.

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[Oswald answers those points about monster hunting with a glare to the ground, and a grumbling under his breath. Loath as he is to admit it, this other fighter DOES have a point in terrain, if nothing else. Still, his pride insists that he raise a point of his own.]

"I've persisted fine on my own, without the aid of dragons before all of this. And I've killed-"

[...A part of him WANTS to inject some pride into the fact that he's slaughtered his way through worse creatures and soldiers. But that part of him is much smaller than it was before. It doesn't help that his companion doesn't particularly... strike Oswald as the sort who would react much to that claim.

'Since when did you care about the perceptions of others?' Oswald grits his teeth at the thought, not eager to answer it.]

"...I'm no stranger to combating such beasts."

[He finishes instead.]

"And for your part? Do you posses much experience in fighting among ruins or forests?"
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So glad my assessment was on point.

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[Kaldur patiently listens as the other Scion lists his qualifications. Kaldur can't help but wonder what he had 'killed' but he isn't going to press if Oswald had corrected himself. Instead he files it away, because knowing what you teammate is capable of is extremely helpful.]

I am glad to hear it. I too have combat experience against over-sized creatures...though none that possess such a wide range of unique abilities.

[Kaldur scans their surroundings and nods.]

I have faced others on similar terrain. Though typically it was other humans and the mission was of a more covert nature. However, my world did not have creatures such as this to worry about in the least not usually.
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It was indeed, and I am still laughing.

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"Good. And you must know size doesn't always amount to much."

[Granted, Oswald is even slighter in build than his companion. Still, he gives a quick, just this side of curt nod when Kaldur lists his own credentials. Though he raises an eyebrow over the apparent rarity of such beasts. It strikes him as a touch ODD that one would not need to contend with monsters after setting foot outside their front door.]

"...Then I will take the lead in this attack. And- ah."

[Oswald trails off, glancing down at his own dragon. It has gone from eagerly shadowing his footsteps to shrinking behind him, giving off a frantic, warning hiss. Perhaps they may be getting closer, now?]
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thankfully kaldur's patience is near infinite

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[He'd seen Robin take down opponents twice his size, although he had to wonder how often Oswald had dealt with that as a problem. Some people just had odd hangups he supposed. Who was he to judge? He also doesn't really argue about who is leading. Kaldur in fact makes a point of letting Oswald have the front. After all, rear guard could be just as important and it wasn't going to hurt Kaldur's feelings any if he had to watch their backs instead of taking the lead.

At about the time that Oswald's dragon is reacting, so is Sedna. She had curled into a defensive ball, the frills that surround her head fanning out in an impressive display. It's as though she can't decide between making herself look bigger or to get small and compact.

Kaldur turns slightly, eyes scanning the immediate area for movement, a hand already on the sword they'd been given.

Do you see anything?